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Books and snarky commentary inspired by insomnia induced reading marathons.



About The Insomniac Reader

"I often carry things to read

so that I will not have to look at

the people"


-Charles Bukowski



When I'm not doing silly everyday things, like trying to avoid awkward social interactions in the artificial societies of the real world...


No, thank you, please


...yes I know how pretentious I just sounded. I stole it from Daria. So really I'm just a fraud. A fraud who is too old to be watching cartoons about High School students. Also, don't be surprised if I use that Liz Lemon gif a lot. It's my favorite.


But anyway, when I'm not too busy being insufferably awkward as I try my best to navigate the realities of the average life of anyone with things like friends' birthdays to remember, dinner to try to not burn...


hermoine granger potions class hp6


and bills that will hopefully be paid in a timely manner...



I can be found doing a fair amount of reading. 


Hermoine reading HP 4 


It's generally what I do in my not-so-secret spare time. I hide from humans and I read. It's really a shame no one wants to pay me to curl up in a cozy place with my tea to read and then nap on my reading experience later. Then I could make more time for it. 


But then when I'm done hiding from humans, it's nice to find other humans who also like reading. From the comforts in my own home, in my pajamas, bra not required, where I don't have to actually be near people but can still talk to them. 


lazy internet surfing.


The internet is very handy for the misanthropic book nerd who never gets enough sleep or gets to see enough sunlight. 


So welcome to one of my outlets for reading and talking about reading. Feel free to follow and join in on my cynical world. 


Oh, other info you might find handy:


- The books I like: I like all kinds of books. Lately I've been into YA, Fantasy, and Dystopian Fiction. But I like reading from a variety of genres. And even if our shelves have nothing in common I like reading new things and would be interested in what you have to say about these books I haven't had the chance to read yet. 


- Goodreads: I have an account there. Due to policy changes they made and the sneaky way they deleted users' shelves and reviews without notifying them that they violated these new policy changes, I am also here to back up my ratings and reviews. So, for the most part, other than dedicating more time to separate but relevant blog posts here, I will be crossposting to both accounts a lot. I'm putting that disclaimer here so that I don't have to repeat myself with every review because I'm lazy. None of my reviews or shelves on GR have been deleted, and I'm not here to cause trouble. I just find GR untrustworthy after that massive kerfuffle.