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Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein This book is almost impossible to review. You run the risk of revealing too much to people who may not have read it yet.

That being said, there are some points I want to make.

1. This is a slow read in the beginning. Take your time with it. It's worth it. This was not meant to be a fast read that you breeze through in one or two sittings and your done before your tea gets cold. It's more the kind of book where you have to invest a little more time into the characters. But they'll stick with you forever once you do that.

2. Pay attention to the foreshadowing. They are wonderful clues that turn the story into a kind of puzzle for the reader to piece together.

3. There are no obnoxious love triangles! There are no obnoxious triangles! There are no obnoxious love triangles! Hallelujah Glory Be to all the gods I don't believe in there are no obnoxious love triangles!




At last, a break from reading about love triangles and female characters gushing over one guy, but then the other guy. But what about that other guy? And then that guy?

In fact the focus on the book was friendship instead of romance. This was so refreshing for me. A look at the love between best friends instead of a girl's torn emotions between two douchebags and the prettier and/or more wounded shithead wins.

4. Go. Go and read this book now. By any and all means.

5. You should also listen to the audiobook, which is very well narrated and listening to it after reading might help you pick up anything you might have missed in the story.