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Friends with Boys - Faith Erin Hicks -I received this book from Goodread's First Reads Giveaway-

This story was cute. I mean really cute.


It's also full of cliches. But this is a graphic novel about High School students, so that's to be expected. There's no place so full of every cliche you can think of like high school. Also, the story is well written, so the cute attack and some what predictable nature is forgiven.

I wish the story went more in depth with the dynamics and relationships of the characters in the book. I like that some things were left up in the air for the reader to come to their own conclusions, but a bit more meat to the story would have been nice. Unless the lacking parts of the story indicate that there's going to be a second installment coming in the future.

Beyond that if you're looking for a fast and touching read, this graphic novel would be a very good choice.