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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare If I gave any less of a shit about the characters in this most predictable awkwardly written story, this book would have put me in a coma.

This was one more "Female protagonist who supposedly saves the day while somehow doing as little work as possible and maintaining the personality of a dead moth." story. With a little "All the male characters are damaged/abusive/manipulative pretend nice guys but in the end they all mysteriously become genuinely nice at the end of the story for that awww everything is going to be okay after all ending." thrown in.

I don't mind that there are bad male characters in books, or that there are bad female characters in books. But this series of one dimensional characters and pointless events gave me nothing to root for.

The clunky writing with terrible pacing and eye rolling twists that are supposed to be shocking for some reason didn't exactly help matters.